About SchoolTool

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SchoolTool was designed to be user-friendly with a range of intuitive, time saving features, such as Student Data Transfer, Mobile Access, Scheduling Tools, and more.

Features include:

  • Customizable student and teacher demographics and other personal data
  • Contact management for teachers, students, and their guardians
  • Teacher gradebooks
  • Skill and outcomes based assessment
  • Schoolwide assessment data collection and report card generation
  • Class attendance and daily participation grades
  • Calendars for the school, groups, individuals, and resource booking
  • Tracking and management of student interventions

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Browser and System Requirements

SchoolTool can be installed on any hardware or virtual server that is supported by Ubuntu.

School Level Deployments or Greater

  • For production deployment in a school or district, a real or virtual server dedicated to only running SchoolTool is recommended. This makes it easy to resolve any puzzling operating system level problems by simply backing up the SchoolTool database and data files, and reinstalling the whole system from scratch. This can usually be done in about an hour.
  • SchoolTool can be hosted in “the cloud” on any server (physical or virtual) that provides root access to the server OS or the equivalent. You will need to have rights on the server to install software and add SchoolTool as a system service. A simple “web hosting” service that allows you to add HTML and PHP pages is not sufficient.


  • For personal use, SchoolTool can be installed and used on a personal desktop or laptop computer running Ubuntu Linux, accessing the web interface locally. This type of installation is not going to be under heavy load, since there is only one user, but it will eat up some memory while running in the background.

Technical Specifications

  • The primary bottleneck in SchoolTool’s performance is usually memory. The bare minimum RAM requirement for testing is estimated to be 512 megabytes. At least 1 gigabyte of RAM, plus at least 2 gigabytes of swap space is recommended and if you are setting up for a small production server, adding more than 1 gigabyte of RAM is worth it if you can afford it. More memory equals faster database performance.
  • Faster processors will make SchoolTool run faster. Over 1 GHz is recommended. Generally speaking, SchoolTool performance will benefit more from raw processor speed than adding cores running in parallel.
  • Ubuntu SchoolTool packages are available for low-power ARM architecture processors, as well as i386 and AMD64 PC and server processors.
  • By the scale of modern storage technology, SchoolTool doesn’t require significant disk space. One gigabyte may handle it for quite a while. Disk read and write speed is more important than volume